Sketchy Design Studio's Kickstarter project: Andromeda: Tactical Lighting 


The idea for this lamp was a result from exploring other possibilities of the picatinny rail systems currently used by the military. We wanted an EPIC, BADASS, and just AWESOME lamp with a unique functionality that no one has ever seen before.

   In order to take it one step further, we developed our own design in hopes that it would not only make our lamp unique, but have future applications such as custom lighting designs and eventually be used in a real-world military environment.

   Instead of using an existing quad rail system, we developed our own patent pending, tri-rail design. Our rail is made up of three extrusions offset at 120º that bolt together to create a full tri-rail system.

    We wanted to keep things simple while adjusting Andromeda. The strategically placed knurled nuts are a perfect place for you to loosen and tighten the arms and shades into different positions.